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142 East Main Street
Rigby, ID, 83442
United States


East Idaho Wedding and Event Center, Studio Rental and Party Venue, Serving Rexburg, Rigby and Idaho Falls area


The Venue - Rigby Idaho, Wedding and Event Center


Nicole Klingler

"To be natural is such a very difficult pose to keep up." - Oscar Wilde


Are you a little camera shy? Most of us are. It's ok! We have photographers in our studio almost daily taking beautiful shots. Not of professional models, but real people like YOU! As you prepare for your next family shoot, or engagement session try these tips for POSING...

1. USE YOUR TONGUE - Push your tongue to the roof of your mouth while smiling to elongate your neck and emphasize your jawline. This might sound strange, but it works. Try it!

2. CROSS YOUR ANKLES - This helps to make your legs look longer and it looks more casual than it may feel. Standing straight on can make you look stiff, so loosen up and put one foot in front of the other.

3. INHALE & EXHALE - Take a deep breath before the picture is taken and then breath out while smiling as the photo is shot. You can ask the photographer to tell you when. This relaxes the face and makes you look more natural.

4. LOOSEN UP! - Most importantly, try to relax! No one is judging you. Your photographer will help you through this and give you pointers. So listen to them and try to have some fun too!