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142 East Main Street
Rigby, ID, 83442
United States


East Idaho Wedding and Event Center, Studio Rental and Party Venue, Serving Rexburg, Rigby and Idaho Falls area


East Idaho Venue Vendor



Q: How many vendors are you taking?

A: We are taking a total of 26 vendors.

Q: What size are the vendor areas?

A: Our areas range from 3' x 6' to 4/ x 10' and vary in price. See the 'MARRY MARKET FLOOR PLAN' for details on what is still available. Vendors choose their space.

Q: When is set-up and take down?

A: Set-up times will be available the evening before and early March 3rd from 7-9:30am. 

Q: How is this market being advertised?

A: Since this is our first market & we want a fabulous turnout, we are putting our whole budget towards marketing. We are doing paid advertisements on Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest as well as printed informational flyers in boutiques, dress shops, through the local newspaper & through local deals sites. We will also be hosting a marketing contest between the vendors involved to help spread the word even more. 

Q: What are the swag bags that each attendee will receive when they come in the door?

A: We will be giving each attendee a bag full of information and swag from vendors. Each vendor that participates with a booth can put marketing materials or samples in the bags at no charge. Vendors that aren't able to attendee or maybe aren't strictly wedding vendors are able to put marketing materials, samples, coupons and other promotional items in the bags for a $35 fee. Vendors that choose the swag bag option will also receive the email list of attendees that come through the market so they can follow up later. 

Q: How do you ensure that all the vendors get seen, regardless of where their booth is located throughout the space?

A: The nice thing about The Venue is it's open concept. It is completely open from front to back but bottle-necks slightly in the middle. Vendor booths go from front to back in the open areas. The won't be in any separate rooms. Also, attendees will come both the front and back doors to our welcome table where they will receive a bag AND a vendor card. They will need to have every vendor initial their card & put their email address at the bottom to be entered into our drawings that our DJ will be doing throughout the day. 

Q: How many swag bags should we plan on filling?

A: Vendors should provide enough samples/ marketing materials for 150 bags. We hope to grow the number of expected brides with each market we hold. 

Q: What will we need for our booth, and what is provided?

A: The Venue provides your measured space and 2 wood folding chairs per booth. You as a vendor are responsible for your display and all that you need to set-up on (ie. tables, easels, hangers, etc.) Although we do have outlets for you to use if you need extra lighting in your space or to charge televisions or devices, you as the vendor will need to bring extension cords for access. The Venue will also have a private room closed off to the public for Vendor use only. You can use this room for breaks, to nurse babies (if needed) and to store any personal items you do not wish to keep at your booth.